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Web Dreamers
For those who are looking to dream, this site is a place to start. Just as we are all surfing the web looking for answers. Here you may find some. Granted we do not hold all the answers or know all the tricks and tips. But as we learn every day we find ourselves closer to finding what we need. We will not offer to be the almighty fix-it man. But we will try to help. There are many fix-it sites out there. And sure, we will point you in the direction if you need that. But here we will show you what we know. Where we have looked to find some really fine tools, and how to start using them. Are you seeking a place to start? Need to know something or just looking for a few good tools? Here we are ready to help.

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We will offer here a basic understanding of some information we have learned. When we first went on the web tutorials to learn we found that many things were over our heads. Still we are trying to understand them. But what we have learned we want to share with you. Just some short cut steps to easy quick tips for web tool use. We will try to see that the beginners can readily understand this site. So we are going to start simple and easy. We are not experts. We just found these tools and tips on the net and want to show you a few good samples of easy to work features. The work is up to you, but you will have support from us, and help if you need it.

We have an e-mail posted here. We want this site to be for you. We will be ready to listen and hope we can help you find the answers you need. There will be many doors open here, links to check out. We are hopeful that we can all learn together. Our goal is to learn how to make that dream also. We’d like to have the skills, tools, and vision to have our own domain site. Yes this is a free site and made simple. But we will put our toolz out on this site and learn together how to make them into a better web page. Every day we will search and share a few samples of what we find.

We’ve heard many people say that web page making is a daunting task. But here we will show you just how simple it can be. For those willing to try, it’s just that simple, just try. We have found that making pages can even be fun. And when we make something work or see how our sites look out on the web. Well that is our satisfaction. Yes we, and you will make many mistakes but you will learn from them. We will be glad we’re a part letting you find that place. To be part of a web site and say what you dream. So dream well.

This is a different kind of web building tool site. We’d like to show you that a good web site does not have to be just a good web site. All it really needs is to have heart all in the right places. A good look isn’t bad ether. This is a place just to look and listen and reach out to all the possibilities. We are not a grand great know all site. We’re just people who have learned on the web. We searched and looked and hunted and pecked our way though. Now we just want to help ease your steps along the journey. The web can be a fine place to learn to do things, to make things, and teach others to do the same. What we will show you is how to take these first steps and how to create something from them. Just looking to put Photos on the web? Or do you want to learn to be a professional web master? This is all a way to express yourself. So now we want to ask you is… What do you dream? Start now. Don’t be shy. Just what can you do or make or show? Sit down now and think. Start a plan. Or just write down your thoughts.

We all have dreams but finding them is a courageous task. Looking inside ourselves instead of out. Listening to our own heart instead of the herd of voices out on the web. So choose your words and ideas wisely. Understand that you are putting yourself out on the web. Have heart and listen to those near and dear to you. Understand their needs first then find what makes you the light they want to listen to. Then you will know the right path to take holding on to your ideals. Show your family what you really can be, Shine. For them and you. So what does this have to do with web making?