Uploading Pictures…  Jpegs or Gifs


To upload is just as easy. There should be a browse upload button with a file folder open. Click that and find a file, picture, jpeg, or gif you want to load. Click it into box then click upload. Sometimes it takes a bit. So be patient.

Were do you find the pictures?

They are on your hard drive in your folders.

Do you want to save a picture?

Surf the web find then save. Right click the picture select save as (ie) or save image as (Netscape).

Where to put it?

A good place is in my documents folder. Make a file folder name it pictures then whenever you save you can put it in the same folder. You will always be able to find it.

Do have a picture of family sent on e-mail?

When you right click on a picture, jpeg, or gif you will get a pop up menu. Select Save as and this will be saved to your hard drive. Put it in “My Documents Folder”. Or they could be on attachment. In that case you will get a download window. Click on the radial button “save to disk” then find a folder you want to load it into. Click ok, your good to go now. Check it out!



Do you want to view your pictures in “My Documents”?

The best way is to have a viewer.

Do you have one?

If not we highly recommend Acdsee Viewer. http://www.acdsystems.com/english/products/acdsee/acdsee-node.htm  

It will cost some but is well worth it. There is a trial free download so do go check it out. We can’t live without ours. We use it all the time. The best we’ve seen!