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Lesson Two: Where to Tag
Oh you came back for more… Didn’t run you off yet? Well stay a while and we will show you what you can find on your html page.
We began with showing you that there is a basic three part to each html document. Here we will try to help you understand that in each of
these three parts more information can be put in to each of the three. More tag codes to find! Where to put it? This is your lesson.
You want to title your page? Where to put it? This uses the title tag, simple!
< title > < /title > The tag goes in your tag Like this…
< HEAD >
< title >Elanz Exciting Action Page< /title >
< /HEAD >

For now just type in text next to the > < with no spaces at the beginning and end of text line. Putting spaces on some of the > < marks may
cause the page not to load properly. This is just the title your web needs to recognize for your page. The title you put on your page for
viewing will come later, in the < H1 > of your body tag. We will show you. As we show you these tags we will build a page with you then you
can see how the parts will all come together. See each tag code and how it is used. To get one page to load to viewing we will have to show
you just a bit more. We call this the big body tag this will set your page features of background and color of the page. As well as the text
color and active links color. Here you can use an image background or just a bgcolor, witch is a background color. Not as pretty or animated
for a background but you can just use bgcolor. There are many free backgrounds offered on the web.
If you see a background on a web site you like just Right Click, then “Save as”.
Please remember that the maker copyrights some sites and permission to use their graphics may need to be requested.
Or you can make your own it’s easy if you have graphics program. (Place Ulead page here) We have put our own background on this page.
We will show you the difference between just color and image. You can leave on both and the color will load quicker as your page loads and
will give it a background while waiting for loading.
Here is the tag code as on an html page

Page just having color no background

Page with background

< body background=”back02a.jpg” bgcolor=”violet” text=”black” link=”purple” vlink=”red” alink=”blue” >

These are your links. What are links? They are clickable to other pages, yours or other web pages. While they are on your page they have a link
color. When you click on the link it becomes “ ACTIVE ”. This is the alink. The visited link is the link color after you have been there, the vlink.
Link =
Vlink =
Alink =

Now you see something new on the page? This is in the body of the page document. We have put the links of web sites. It is what an active link is.
The code is there for you as well. This code is the href = . We like to call it the here and after code. Just a joke… but it was fun to learn
and we use it whenever we can. The < a is the anchor what seems to tie it to the page. The < /a > is the most important part. If you forget this
closing you will and could activate you whole document. Anything under the < a href =. The tag looks like this:
< a href = ” http: “ > < /a >
< a href = ” http:(any address) ” >(anything you would like to click on to goes here. This is the viewed text to link onto)< /a >

Page just having text links

This is the end of the beginning?